The infamous Vat pop up letter:

SARS' licence to grab money out of your company's bank account!

Businesses all over the country are in uproar about the vulnerability of their bank accounts.


Because they say SARS is robbing them of their hard-earned money. Right out of their bank accounts and into its pockets with no warning.

The reason?

They ignored the Vat pop-up letter that appeared immediately after they submitted their Vat returns.

Have you been in the same situation?

You go online to check your bank balance and lo and behold, a large chunk of your funds is missing.
Who’s taken it?


You call the people at your bank in a fit of rage who say it has no involvement in the money leaving your account.

And then you call SARS.

SARS explains to you that despite giving you 21 days to comply with their assessment of your Vat returns, you haven’t paid your dues.

You suddenly think: “Assessment? What assessment? What was wrong with my Vat return? When was I given 21 days?”

Sound familiar?

SARS tells you it sent a letter asking you to review your figures and submit any corrections to it.

And then it hits you…

You remember seeing a letter pop up on your screen almost immediately after you eFiled your returns, but you paid no attention.

You just didn’t think it was possible that SARS could've reviewed your returns that quickly after you submitted them, so you dismissed it altogether.

But it turns out that one letter was the start to all your problems… Problems you could have addressed very easily.

And that’s why I’m writing to you today.

I have a tool that will ensure YOU don’t find yourself in that same situation.

A tool that ensures you know exactly what to do when that dreaded SARS Review VAT201 Declaration pops up in your Inbox. And how to do it…

Meet the cure to the Vat pop-up letter “disease”

Your solution to the VAT pop-up letter lies in a simple e-Report: That dreaded SARS Vat pop-up letter ANTIDOTE.

In it, you have everything you need to combat the letter with ease.

Not only does it explain the intricacies of the VAT201 Declaration Letter, but gives youstep-by-step guidance on what you should do once you receive the letter… And the triggers that set it off.

And the best part?

The two people who’ve created and checked this e-Report are none other than ex-SARS representatives!

So you know every last bit of information in it is accurate and unlike information you’ll get anywhere else.

You’ll have the INSIDE SCOOP on how to handle the Vat pop-up BEFORE it becomes a nightmare

What if I said you’d have a report that’s:

  • Written by a previous SARS auditor who’s won countless cases against SARS on this very issue, and
  • Fact-checked by the person who actually wrote much of the Vat law?
Would you be impressed?

Well, be impressed.

Meet the writer of the e-Report, Dee Bezuidenhout. 

Dee Bezuidenhout

Until recently, Dee was a senior auditor at SARS so she knows all SARS’ tricks…  And there are many.

She’s been involved in Vat since its inception – that’s over 24 years of experience under her belt!

And that’s why every single client she’s fought for on this issue has WON AGAINST SARS.

She’s also given over 100 workshops on Vat… Many of them to SARS staff! So she knows how they think, and what they look for when assessing your Vat returns.

Then there’s our fact-checker, Peter Franck.

Peter actually wrote much of the Vat law and was head of Vat at SARS until recently.

So when it comes to anything Vat-related, he knows the answer.

Who better than these two minds to ensure you don’t find yourself in an unnecessary Vat situation with SARS?

  YES! I want to protect my bank account from SARS

Who better to ensure you don’t become the next Michael, or Derek…

SARS REVERSED R485 MILLION of Michael’s input tax because he ignored the pop-up letter…

You didn’t read wrong.

Peter’s client, Michael, had R485 MILLION input tax reversed simply because he didn’t pay attention to the Vat pop-up letter that appeared on his screen.

SARS took it right out of his bank account!

Can you imagine that? Waking up to see that amount of money missing from your account?

Now consider the penalty Michael faced over and above that

200% because SARS assessed that his returns were incorrect… And Michael couldn’t justify them because he ignored the letter.

That’s R970 MILLION!

Not to mention the additional R1.5 million Michael had to spend on legal fees to get the matter resolved!

Then there’s Francois, one of our Accounting and Tax Club members.

His client, Derek, submitted a R30 000 tax output and a R60 000 tax input to SARS just recently. He didn’t respond correctly to the pop up letter, so SARS reversed his claim, and slapped him with a penalty of R120 000!

Why? Because they had a problem with one of the vendors Derek had done business with.

And despite appealing the reversal, SARS swiped Derek’s account for R150 000!

It’s not just Michael and Derek who’ve suffered either. So many others around the country have seen money disappear out of their business accounts because they ignored the letter. Or because they panicked…  

Panic will cost you as much as ignorance when it comes to the Review VAT201 Declaration Letter 

 According to Dee, panic – like ignorance – is a huge mistake. One most people make when that dreaded pop-up letter pops up on their screens.

Because in most cases, when they panic they upload all their company documentation to SARS in a feverish attempt to justify their Vat returns to it.

Now by doing this, you literally welcome SARS to audit your company!The things it wouldn’t take into account would now stare it in the face… With your help!

Dee’s seen it happen with her own clients.

That’s why she created That dreaded SARS Vat pop-up letter ANTIDOTE.

So when that nasty Review VAT201 Declaration Letter pops up, you neither ignore it nor panic.

You’re armed. You know exactly what to do to ensure your money is safe.

You even know what causes you to receive the letter in the first place…


  YES! I want to protect my bank account from SARS

You’ll know what triggers SARS to identify your VAT201 as a risk before you even submit it

Generally, you receive the nasty pop-up letter if you have a Vat return that’s significantly different to your previous ones.

For example, if:

You claim a large refund This could be when your input tax is more than your output tax so you’ve paid more Vat than you’ve charged on your income. Now it could simply be because you bought extra stock because of the season, purchased assets or paid Vat on imports. Or any combination of the three.

You know this, but SARS just sees your large returns and – up pops the letter.
  Or if all your output tax is purely from zero-rated and/or exempt income.  Here, your output tax value is “nil.” And SARS owes you a refund when you claim your input tax for Vat you paid on your purchases.

But it just sees your output tax as nil and once again – slaps you with the letter.
Your figures vary significantly to your previous Vat declarations.  Here your output tax, or input tax is much higher or lower than usual You see this as a natural trend in business. But SARS doesn’t. It just sees that your figures are different and – no surprise, you receive a Vat review letter.

Dee goes into detail on this in her e-Report… And describes the other two most common items that would trigger the letter, with examples.

And the best thing about knowing this?

Well, without That dreaded SARS Vat pop-up letter ANTIDOTE to tell you what to expect, you’d just see the letter and panic thinking you input something wrong, or miscalculated your figures.

With it, you can pre-empt the pop-up letter and quickly show SARS why your returns are the way they are, without giving it any more information than it requires.

And that’s where the rest of the e-Report comes in…

  YES! I want to protect my bank account from SARS  

Let the experts do the thinking for you 

 You don’t have to spend a minute trying to figure anything out on your own.

That dreaded SARS Vat pop-up letter ANTIDOTE dissects the Review of VAT201 Declaration for you and shows you:
  • What to do when you’ve responded to the letter.
  • Five steps to lodge your objection, and
  • Six steps to submit your appeal.
AND… It gives you a checklist of “armour” to defend yourself against SARS quickly and painlessly.

It couldn’t be simpler.

But it is…

Dee gives you practical examples to follow when you lodge your appeal to SARS.

So you see exactly how to defend your case and fill out the ADR forms accordingly.

As an ex-SARS insider, she reveals:

“SARS auditors have a target to meet and it’s easy to reverse input tax, making it look like the vendor ‘owes’ SARS money… And voila, they meet their target.  SARS staff is also often untrained and take advantage of their powers.”

And this is exactly why it’s so important to have That dreaded SARS Vat pop-up letter ANTIDOTE. So despite who you come into contact with at SARS, you have your bases covered and can protect those precious assets of yours.


  YES! I want to protect my bank account from SARS

So how will much will that protection and peace of mind cost you? 

You’ll get peace of mind and protection for a mere fraction of what you could LOSE 

If you consider how much you could lose at the hands of SARS because of one simple pop-up letter, you’ll never believe how much That dreaded SARS Vat pop-up letter ANTIDOTE will cost you.

Well, I’ll tell you…

R499 is all it will cost you to safeguard your bank account from SARS!

R499 for peace of mind and confidence when dealing with the letter that has brought panic and devastation to so many others.

Is your business worth R499?

Something tells me it’s worth even more than that…

In fact, I’m so confident That dreaded SARS Vat pop-up letter ANTIDOTEwill protect your assets and give you the confidence you need to defend your cases successfully against SARS, I’m even willing to let you peruse it RISK-FREE for seven days. If after reading it, you don’t find it will cushion your fall if you have a run-in with SARS and protect your hard-earned cash, then return it to me – no questions asked for a full refund.

But don’t take too long to decide. This is an introductory offer so I can only guarantee the price for a limited time.

Get yours TODAY before the price goes up, or before you find yourself in a sticky situation with SARS without a plan of defence.

Here’s to protecting your bank account.
Kind regards,

Natalie Cousens
Product Manager: That dreaded SARS Vat pop-up letter ANTIDOTE
PS. SARS issues over TWO MILLION Vat review letters every year! 

Get this: There are only 700 000 vendors registered with SARS.

So two million Vat review letters for 700 000 vendors…

You do the math.

Every vendor should, receive at least one of these pop-up letters a year.

But YOU don’t have to be caught off-guard.

Order your copy of That dreaded SARS Vat pop-up letter ANTIDOTE TODAY so you can prepare yourself for whatever Vat challenges SARS sends your way… and protect your cash.

  YES! I want to protect my bank account from SARS

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